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The new ClifRock Panel System gives you the means to customize your backyard entertainment space. ClifRock is an engineered structural panel system for creating outdoor kitchen island/bars, fire features, benches and custom water features and grottos. Each panel is individually manufactured by Gebhardt Designs for your specific project needs with the custom look and feel of natural stone.

ClifRock Masonry: Simplified solutions for outdoor living applications

ClifRock is engineered to be the lightest, strongest and most versatile product available to create outdoor living and resort style features in your backyard.

ClifRock Masonry is the result of over 30 years of advances in concrete fabrication. Previously used only in large resort applications, you now have the opportunity to design your own backyard retreat using ClifRock. From a simple fire pit or outdoor bar to a resort worthy poolside cave and grotto, ClifRock gives you more choices than any other building product, including manufactured block and natural stone.

The ClifRock difference is in the casting process. It is here we are able to create panels with remarkable realism, replicating the unique qualities of natural stone and boulders. These panels are custom assembled to create a feature or structure unique to you.

ClifRock Masonry panels have been tested in the most extreme elements. From the harsh freeze/thaw cycles of Northern New England to the blistering Las Vegas summers. You can be assured you’ll receive year after year of enjoyment, excitement and memories.

Take some time to compare your options when building out your backyard space. As you learn more, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the value you’ll get with ClifRock.

Comparison to Traditional Materials

Building a Backyard Entertainment Space is no small task. One must be able to understand the different pros and cons of each method/material of getting the job done. Thankfully, the Clifrock Panel Masonry System has been engineered uniquely for the outdoors.

There are 3 primary ways to build outdoor features available on the market today. Once you see ClifRock Panel Masonry advantages, you will understand why no other hardscape masonry material compares. Please consider the following details as you make your decision:

Unique Material Properties

Unparalleled Strength

1.5 inch panels are pre-cast with a super strength (11,000 compressive PSI and 1,750 flexural PSI) composite, glass fiber reinforced concrete, reduces the need for bulky materials and enables us to use a 1.5’ thick panel that is both aesthetic (stone profile) and structural (self-supporting walls). 

Veneer stone and block masonry products can range from 1,500 to 5,000 Compressive PSI. A natural stone that is considered to be hard, will have a compressive strength of over 10,000 PSI.

Self-Supporting, One Solid Structure

ClifRock Panels are both structural and aesthetic, meaning the exterior stone facing panel also doubles as the base structure, removing the need of a substrate and/or additional supports for install. No steel substrate or built up block structures, Panels are simply connected and seamed together to form one solid structure. 

Stone or manufactured Veneer is adhered with masonry cement to a substructure made from wood or aluminum studs and plywood or a Cement board. Block is stacked and relies on gravity, rebar or glue for structural integrity.

Less Material, Less Weight, No Footing

A typical ClifRock Panel wall range from 1” to 1.5” in thickness (based on stone profile). Less overall material combined with composite, fiber composition equals less weight of a completed structure. A 6 ft ClifRock Panel Kitchen Island weighs approximately under 1,000 lbs (based on counter top material). Clifrock Panel Structures can be built on any hard surface or retrofit to existing patio or pool deck without the need of a special footing. 

When building an outdoor kitchen with block over an existing paver patio, it is recommended to pull up pavers and pour a concrete pad for a footing base. A straight 6 ft bar built with masonry block weighs as much as several thousand pounds.

Durability - Engineered for the Outdoors

ClifRock Panel Construction is not only strong but durable and engineered for the outdoors and resistance to weather extremes. Our panel mix has unique chemical properties that reduce water absorption that plagues most other concrete based materials, making the ClifRock Panel system the material of choice for all climates and the outdoors. 

Freeze-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on traditional materials as expansion and contraction weakens the structure. Substrates made of steel and cement board with eventually rust and decay. Masonry block is plagued by absorption and erosion from moisture and freeze/thaw.

High Aesthetic Quality and Value-Stone Aesthetics without the “Stone Cost”

The ClifRock System offers the high aesthetic quality of natural stone. Panels are precast with molds made from actual stone. We offer several stone profiles to choose from and endless color options. Most importantly, ClifRock panels are a fraction of the cost of traditional masonry materials. 

Aesthetically comparable with a high end stone veneer and price competitive with a manufactured block kit, ClifRock is the smart choice for homeowners looking to build outdoor living spaces.

Custom Designs and Installs-Custom Design Your Outdoor Space (Options and Layout)

You want your outdoor living space to be your own unique creation. With the ClifRock Panel System there are no limitations to configuration, dimensions, coloration, finish, etc – giving you endless opportunity for designing the outdoor space of your dreams 

Clifrock Outdoor Features quickly and conveniently assemble and can be retrofit to the existing landscape and hardscape. In addition, the ClifRock kitchen Island can be combined easily with any appliances, cooking surfaces or amenities you desire. Lastly, Clifrock Panels are the only material available that does not require a level surface to start building. 

Concrete block kits come with a predetermined configuration and allow for specific appliance cut outs. Prebuilt modular substrates limit you to angles and shape, customization is costly and time consuming.

ClifRock offers a Quick, Clean Install-Installed in a fraction of the time and with less disruption

ClifRock Panels are relatively light weight and can be carried on site by 1 or 2 people keeping your lawn intact and minimizing any mess. Panels are assembled on site with connecting wire and fused together with seaming compound to create the stone structure. Lastly, our installer colors your new outdoor kitchen based on your stone color selection and the countertop and appliances are installed. Start your project on a Wednesday and be entertaining on Friday. Many outdoor kitchen and fire feature projects can be installed in less than two days without heavy equipment. 

Concrete block requires excavation work for base footing to support the weight of the structure. Block is delivered on pallets and must be moved with heavy machinery. Once footing is poured the block is stacked in a predetermined layout and held together with pins, glue or gravity. Laying the courses of block can take multiple days and proper leveling is key.

Stone and veneer applications require a skilled mason and there can be significant margin for error. Most applications call for mortar to adhere stones to a base structure. This mortar over time will weaken and it is not uncommon to see stones detach from the structure. Installs can take weeks. 

Typically, stone or concrete block installations create a great deal of disruption and mess (damaged turf) on a property. Heavy materials, such as boulders and pallets of stone or block must be transported onto your property with heavy equipment that damages turf.

The ClifRock Panel Masonry System Delivers Great Outdoor Spaces!

With stone aesthetics installed quickly and with very little disruption to your property there’s no denying that the ClifRock Masonry Panel System was engineered for the outdoor elements. What we enjoy the most, though, is constantly hearing about how much our customers enjoy their new outdoor space. The ClifRock Panel System™ helps create an amazing place to live, play, or entertain, all in the enjoyment of the outdoors. Our customers tell us once we finish their outdoor entertainment space it often becomes the primary gathering place of their home. Are you ready to enjoy entertaining outdoors? Then simply give Gebhardt Designs a call to schedule an appointment today! We’ll help you design an outdoor space that fits all of your needs and give you an accurate quote, in writing.